Ready to choose your academic destination? 在圣. 爱德华的 University, we have the roadmap and the path to get you there.

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在圣. 爱德华的, our students personalize their college experience from start to finish — guided by a personal roadmap and a success coach, who is with them every step of the way. Join Austin’s exciting startup community with a major in 创业. Put your values into practice with a 社会工作 major. Persuade Fortune 500 leaders with a Writing and Rhetoric major. 我们的不同 主修和辅修 will put you on the path to success.



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研究生课程 选择…, you can fine-tune your professional goals and shore up durable skills that keep you thriving and resilient in a fast-changing job market and economy. 毕业后, 87% of our alumni are employed full- or part time or enrolled in advanced education.



of alumni are employed full- or part-time or enrolled in advanced education






of graduates surveyed said their degree helped them meet their goals


Our students and graduates are problem-solvers, creative thinkers and community-driven. 在圣. 爱德华的, they develop personal relationships with professors, who cheer them on long after graduation. They pursue internships and service activities that lead to rewarding careers. When they graduate, they strive to make the world a better place. See how these five outstanding alumni pursue their dreams fully.



“我的圣. Ed’s mentors are still some of my closest friends. They are the first people I want to share news with. They wildly impacted my life in a positive way and always took an interest in me. They believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. I grew up in small-town Texas wanting to be known in the community. Winning my first Tony Award (in 2018, for co-producing Once on This Island) was legit the most surreal moment of my life.”


Regina波蒂略 ’11

“After discovering organizational psychology while 在圣. Ed’s, I became fascinated with enhancing quality of life for people. I specialized in this field at Columbia University and have applied the scientific methods I learned in each place I have worked. 在圣. Ed’s, I learned about using data and research as tools to bring about the process. The 麦克奈尔 Scholars Program laid the foundation for what I do today as executive director at City Makery in Laredo.” 


杰克西村 MBA ’15
Master of Business Administration

“The biggest thing St. Ed’s gave me was the opportunity to explore music in and out of the classroom. I didn’t have any professional background in music. I just knew what I wanted to do. 去St的时候. Ed’s full time, I was working with a small music company and doing media buying for a digital agency. 当我毕业时, I was the natural choice for my current role as director of digital marketing for Messina Touring Group in Austin.”

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