“Consider the greatness of your mission 和 the wonderful amount of good you can accomplish.——巴兹尔·莫罗.S.C.



圣十字学院. 365比分网电竞 exists to further the application of the Catholic 和 Holy Cross educational mission of participating educational institutions. 它的努力包括教育, formation 和 research: education of the public about the values 和 philosophy of Holy Cross education promoted from the time of Father Basil Moreau, 圣十字教会的创始人, to the present; formation of board members, 管理员, 教职员工, students 和 other members of school communities in these values; 和 research into these values 和 their application in education 和 teaching in the present time 和 into the future.

使命: 圣十字学院 exists to promote 和 foster the divinely inspired gift of the charism of the Congregation of Holy Cross by educating the minds 和 cultivating the hearts of Holy Cross educators, 管理员 和 board members for the mission of Jesus Christ through the transformational work of Catholic education.

愿景: As shared practitioners in this work of resurrection, we affirm that through our unity we will contribute to creating a world in which love 和 justice prevail, never forgetting our vocational call to form 和 empower our students to be transformational leaders, 受福音启发, 给世界带来希望.

核心价值观: Trusting in Divine Providence, the Holy Cross Institute is committed to four core values: Building Respect, Educating Hearts 和 Minds, Being Family, 带来了希望. Animated by the Holy Spirit, we work with zeal to make God known, loved 和 served. Our concern for the dignity of every human being as God’s cherished child directs our ministry to Build Respect by supporting men 和 women of grace 和 goodwill everywhere in our efforts to form communities of the coming kingdom. Our educational charism calls us to Educate Hearts 和 Minds, 与圣十字家族团结一致, 让霍普带他去做门徒.

指导原则: In 2004, inspired by the teachings of the 圣十字教会的创始人, 尊敬的巴兹尔·莫罗, C.S.C., the Holy Cross Institute was established to facilitate dialogue 和 networking opportunities 和 provide educational resources 和 formation programs that transcend cultural differences 和 guide our individual 和 collective growth in mission.  Recognizing that all mission is meant to be localized, the Holy Cross Institute is designed to educate 和 facilitate a more profound 和 contemporary underst和ing of the Holy Cross charism 和 mission 和 their application for permeating them within the context of local Catholic educational ministries.



圣十字学院 plays a vital role in the life of the Congregation of Holy Cross’ global 和 ever exp和ing educational ministries. 我们的项目和资源提供 信息 on Holy Cross history, heritage, spirituality, 和 educational charism 和 形成 opportunities for Holy Cross educators 和 leaders while participating in the continuing 转换 我们自己和这个需要帮助的世界.

信息: HCI维护一个资源库, 举办会议和研讨会, provides opportunities for shared practice 和 collaboration, 并发表文章, 书籍和参考资料,以帮助装备, 激励和授权圣十字董事会成员, 管理员, 教职工, students 和 other members of school communities to foster 和 continue the mission 和 educational charism of the Congregation of Holy Cross. 另外, we provide research into these values 和 their application in education, teaching 和 leadership in the present time 和 into the future.

形成: 尊敬的巴兹尔·莫罗 believed that mission is best expressed in the formation of 新 men 和 women “for better times than ours.” So that this mission may permeate our school campuses, acknowledging the uniqueness of each of the school cultures, emphasis is placed on the formation of the educators, 管理员, board members 和 students in our schools through retreats 和 leadership development programs that provide opportunities for spiritual, 个人和职业成长.

转换: As educators in the faith 和 disciples of Jesus, 我们被召唤成为更新的工匠, 使社会和教会重生, 和 to contribute to preparing the world for better times. 亲爱的巴兹尔·莫罗写道, “Education is a work of resurrection; it is meant to be a liberation from the darkness of ignorance; it is meant to be a vehicle for the transformation of society; 和 it is meant to be a process that helps to make all things, 尤其是从事这项工作的人, 新.”