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Richard J. Bautch, Ph.D.



Dr. Richard Bautch hails from the Chicago area and is a product of Holy Cross education (University of Notre Dame, MA and Ph D). As an educator, his deepest roots are in Catholic high school teaching; Rich taught English to sophomores and juniors for several years before going to graduate studies and focusing on Christianity and Judaism in antiquity.

At St. 365比分网电竞, in addition to teaching Rich has held leadership roles including department chair and associate dean in the 艺术与人文学院. He has also been involved in the Southwest Commission on Religious Studies (chief executive, 2014-2018) and the Catholic Biblical Association (executive board, 2014-2016, 2018-present).

Rich joined the HCI Board of Governors in 2019 and has served as its chair since 2020. 作为临时执行董事, he now looks forward to collaborating closely with fellow leaders across the Holy Cross family in our institutions of secondary and higher education. “Our common aim,” Rich said, “is to accomplish what Blessed Basil Moreau spoke of as ‘the successful cultivation of the Lord’s vineyard to which we have been called.’” Rich has a special interest in Basil Moreau the Scripture scholar and enjoys researching this aspect of the founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross. Ave Crux, Spes Unica!



Marco Clark, Ed.D. (2020 - 2022) 

Br. Joel Giallanza, C.S.C. (2011 - 2012, 2018 - 2020)

Br. Thomas Dziekan, C.S.C. (2017 - 2018)

Br. 唐纳德·布劳维尔特,C.S.C (2012 - 2017)

Br. 斯蒂芬·沃尔什,C.S.C (2005 - 2011)

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Meigs Turgeon


Meigs Turgeon was born and raised in Dallas, TX, where he attended Highland Park High School. 作为一名海兰公园的学生, 他对哲学产生了浓厚的兴趣, theology, 和护教学, feeling a strong call to pursue these academic interests in a Catholic setting. 他在圣。. 2012年8月在爱德华大学毕业, where he majored in 宗教及神学研究 and minored in Psychology. 他于2016年5月毕业.

辨别为教会服务的天职, Meigs matriculated to Duke Divinity School in August of 2017 to pursue a Master of Divinity. As a student, he focused his attention on the interpretation of the Greek New Testament, 早期和中世纪的教会历史, 以及对天主教末世论的研究. 作为他队形的一部分, 他接受过教牧方面的训练, teaching, catechetics, 城市部门. He graduated from Duke Divinity School in May of 2020. Following the completion of his Master of Divinity, Meigs returned to his hometown of Dallas to teach high school theology. He joined the Holy Cross Institute in August of 2021.

Meigs was first exposed to Holy Cross during his undergraduate years at St. Edward’s. Holy Cross helped him to fall in love with learning and inspired him to get involved in the work of education and the service of the Church. 巴兹尔·莫罗, he considers education to be an essential work of resurrection, and he wishes to help educators and students understand what it means to bear the title of Holy Cross. He brings zeal, vision, and a unique theological perspective to the Holy Cross Institute.

Meigs enjoys running, reading, and listening to live music. He is an avid traveler and loves immersing himself in the study of cultures, languages, 世界宗教. In addition to theology, he enjoys learning about history, psychology, and ethics. 他是J的忠实粉丝.R.R. 托尔金喜欢《365bet足球比分》的一切. 在他空闲的时候, Meigs can be found exploring the great cities of the United States or spending time with family and friends.


AJ Valverde HCI

AJ Valverde

Communications Manager, The Holy Cross Institute 

AJ Valverde毕业于St. 2020年12月获得爱德华大学学士学位.A. in Communication with a focus in advertising and public relations. During his undergrad, he was involved in Campus Ministry - serving in many ways. One of his more impactful moments was the service break experience during spring break 2019, 他在圣。. 伊利诺伊州芝加哥的马拉奇天主教学校. 他在国外的昂热呆了一年, France, 距离勒芒以西30分钟的火车车程, 法国(圣十字的发源地). 在他的最后一个学期, he did an independent study on the effects of Holy Cross on campus back home in Austin, TX. His research included reading various Holy Cross texts, interviews with students that came from Holy Cross high schools, and a trip to Sanctuaire du Bienheureux Basile Moreau Eglise Notre-Dame de Sainte-Croix where he interviewed Fr. Paul Elie, C.S.C. 

他是由牧师介绍到圣十字的. 拉里·阿特金森C.S.C. who served as a mentor ever since he first stepped foot on campus freshman year. 在学习期间,他选修了Br的一门课程. Richard Daly C.S.C. 题为天主教社会训导, 这门课很关键, leading him to join various social justice-driven organizations. 在他的最后一个学期 of college, he served as 执行董事 of Hilltoppers for Hilltoppers. H4H is a student philanthropy council that raises awareness for students gifting their time, talent, and treasure. 

His love for The Congregation of Holy Cross runs deep. 在他来我们办公室的头几个月里, 他开通了一个新的社交媒体频道, 开发电子邮件活动, 帮助组织了2021年的毕业典礼, and more. AJ hopes to bring the Holy Cross Institute brand to an elevated level. 他在社交媒体上的经历, 创意写作, and project management will set up the HCI for further success. 

在他空闲的时候, AJ enjoys traveling, playing tennis, camping, and time around friends and family. 




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Robert Nolte

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Teresa Billings

PK -七年级校长
New Orleans, LA 

罗伯特兄弟. Lavelle, C.S.C. (Secretary)

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Terry Lee

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Director of Spiritual Care and Mission Integration

Deepak A. Patel



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